Title: Multifunctional quantum dots and liposome complexes in drug delivery


Authors: Qi Wang1, Yimin Chao2


Institutions: 1School of Medicine; 2School of Chemistry, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich NR4 7UQ, UK.


Abstract: Incorporating both diagnostic and therapeutic functions into a single nanoscale system is an effective modern drug delivery strategy. Combining liposomes with semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) has great potential to achieve such dual functions, referred to in this review as a liposomal QD hybrid system (L-QD). Here we review the recent literature dealing with the design and application of L-QD for advances in bio-imaging and drug delivery. After a summary of L-QD synthesis processes and evaluation of their properties, we will focus on their multifunctional applications, ranging from in vitro cell imaging to theranostic drug delivery approaches.


Keywords: liposomes, quantum dots, nanomedicine, drug delivery


Full Text: JBR-2016-0146.pdf


J Biomed Res published on28 February, 2017, doi:10.7555/JBR.31.20160146